Why Do Doctors Prescribe Branded Medicines Over Generic Medicines

Branded Medicines V/s Generic Medicines

It may have happened almost every time when you have to make visits to your medical practitioner. Yes, whenever you have visited a Doctor, they may have prescribed only branded medicines and not generic medicines.

Have you ever wondered why that happens? You may not have focused on generic medicines vs branded medicines. It is because of your attention, when you are ill, is to get well soon.

On that note, let’s check out why most of the Doctors in India don’t prescribe generic medicines over branded ones. Read on!

Do Indian Doctors always prescribe branded medicines?

When it comes to the prescribing of generic medicines in India, not all health practitioners, prescribe branded medicines.

India is a large country, and in most Government and Municipal medical colleges, generic medicines are prescribed.

These places are mostly thronged by mid-income level groups of patients. They may or may not have the money to buy traditional, branded drugs. It is why Government medical bodies may suggest generic medicines to patients. It is because these drugs are priced much lower than branded ones.

While generic medicines come with the same composition and may have the same curing power as that of their branded counterparts. But they are not branded and are mostly manufactured by Government-based pharmaceutical bodies. And that’s what makes them super affordable compared to branded and conventional drugs.

However, when it comes to serious diseases, generic medicines may or may not work to cure you. Hence, when you continue using them, your health remains at risk.

What will be your condition if the medicines that you are taking are not to treat your conditions? It is where a serious doctor who wishes his/her patient to get treated at the earliest doesn’t prescribe generic medicines.

Why branded medicines have an edge while being prescribed?

When it comes to Doctors in India, a majority of them wish that the cure he/she gives to the patient works. They want their prescribed medicines to work as per their physical condition, and they become well soon. Once that happens, the patient may spread the word that a certain Doctor cures diseases very well.

In other words, in India, where you will find Doctors in every street in the city, the pressure to keep business success also comes into the frame.

A large number of patients start visiting a Doctor who is able to treat patients fast. Hence, Doctors like to prescribe branded medicines so that their business also keeps thriving, and they get more patients.

On the other hand, professional Doctors prescribing generic medicines may not see a huge crowd. It is because generic drugs may not always work, and that may doubt the Doctor’s quality of curing patients. In this case, such a Doctor’s health clinic may not be successful from the commercial point of view.

The composition of generic medicines and branded drugs may be the same, but it is the quality that makes all the difference. A generic medicine may be priced Rs.2, but the branded one may have the price of Rs.20.

When it comes to using branded or generic medicines, the consumer has every right to ask for an affordable option at the pharmacy – but its risk should always be considered.

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