4 Great Health and Wellbeing Apps to Use

health apps

Keeping track of and maintaining your health and wellbeing in today’s busy and fast-paced world can sometimes feel like a significant challenge. While technology has sped up our society and made it more interconnected (which some people believe can make people feel more overwhelmed), there are also ways that technology can make taking care of yourself easier.

There are lots of advocates for using technology to manage the different metrics of your personal wellbeing – which can range from physical health to mental well-being, and even things like productivity and focus. Companies like TechQuarters, who provide managed IT services London organisations rely on, encourage their employees to use health and wellbeing apps – especially now that many people are working from home, which has its own challenges.

Nike Training Club

People say that exercise is the best health insurance money can buy – but you can also get it completely for free with the Nike Training Club. This app provides users with more than 190 different home workouts varying from bodyweight only to full equipment – additionally, there are a number of yoga classes and targeted training programs to choose from. Whatever your fitness level, the Nike Training Club includes workout plans that will work for you – most routines range between 15 and 45 minutes and are led by Nike Master Trainers.

When you set up the app on your phone, just put in a few pieces of information, pick your health and fitness goals, and the app will devise a custom training plan ranging from 4 to 6 weeks.


This app provides users with a 360-degree view of their fitness and health. WHOOP has devised its own system that is based on the principle of assessing your health and activity not just when you’re working out, but all throughout the day and night. The app comes with a smart accessory called a WHOOP strap – this will collect a range of biometric data, 24/7, in order to analyse your performance. Physiological markers like Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability are used to tailor your training plan. It can also measure how much rest you need based on your level of exertion during training sessions.

The app even has a journal section and a social networking element, so you won’t feel isolated in your journey to better health.


Productivity is a big part of personal wellbeing. If you’re struggling to be productive, that is a sign that something isn’t right; while at the same time, being productive can increase feelings of wellbeing. Noisili is a service designed to support your productivity by offering a curated library of background noises that are designed to improve focus and productivity. Many people find that background noise can affect their concentration and their ability to get work done – with Noisili, you simply need to open up the app, and pick one of their playlists based on what you want. The app also features a timer that allows you to establish productivity sessions – this is a great way of boosting focus, as you are working with an endpoint in sight, and can work hard whilst anticipating a break.


Mindfulness and meditation are spiritual practices that have been studied by science a great deal in the last decade – for the positive benefits that they can bring to one’s life seem almost too good to be true. It can be hard to keep up a spiritual practice, but Headspace helps you, by making it easier to get into meditation and maintain a meditation practice. Headspace offers a range of guided meditations and resources to help you learn about the importance of your breath, and how to utilize your breath to become more mindful in your daily life.