Six Healthy Restaurants to Visit in San Sebastian

Healthy Restaurants

San Sebastian is becoming one of the main touristic destinations in Spain. More people decide to rent hotels and apartments in San Sebastian every year to travel and explore the city for some days. San Sebastian is a very special city, its buildings from the Belle Époque make the city beautiful, moreover, the uniqueness of the Bay of la Concha and the atmosphere in the city full of surfers make San Sebastian the perfect destination for your holidays.

San Sebastian is also one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. In the city, there are 17 Michelin starred restaurants in a radius of 25 kilometres. San Sebastian has more Michelin stars per square metre than cities like London, Paris or New York. Actually, San Sebastian is the second city in the world with more Michelin stars (the first one is Kioto).

If you go to San Sebastian, you will find that the city is full of restaurants that have a very good quality, which makes very difficult the decision of choosing a restaurant. Because of that, we have made a list of the best restaurants in San Sebastian.

1.     Topa Sukalderia.

Topa Sukalderia is a restaurant that offers a combination of the traditional Basque food and food from Latin America. That way, you will find Basque plates like cod and txistorra, mixed with food from Latin America, like guacamole. This restaurant is a project of Andoni Aduriz, one of the most influent chefs of our time.

San Sebastian is a city where there is not a big variety of gastronomy, so Topa Sukalderia is the best option if you want to try something different.

2.     Mugaritz

Mugaritz is the most different and original restaurant with a Michelin star. This restaurant is also a project of the influent chef Andoni Aduriz. The restaurant Mugaritz offers much more than tasty dishes, it offers a unique experience. In a world in which the cuisine is globalised, it is very difficult to find something different. However, Mugaritz has achieved it. If you want to have a unique culinary experience, we highly recommend you to go to Mugaritz, you will be very surprised

3.     Amelia

Amelia is a restaurant that offers the typical Basque cuisine mixed with international influences. This Michelin starred restaurant in San Sebastian is a project of Paulo Airaudo, and it will surprise you with combinations of food that you couldn’t imagine! Amelia is a must if you travel to San Sebastian.

4.     Elkano

Elkano is a restaurant located in Guetaria, 25 kilometres away from the city centre of San Sebastian. Elkano is one of the most representative restaurants of the Basque cuisine. The speciality of Elkano is fish. Depending of the time of the year you go, you will be recommended different types of fish. Moreover, the preparation of their dishes is very special, you must go to see it!

5.     Zuberoa

Zuberoa is a restaurant of the outstanding chef Hilario Arbelaitz, that mixes the traditional Basque cuisine with the latest techniques of the haute cuisine. Moreover, in this restaurant you will always find recipes made with seasonal products. If you want to a traditional Basque restaurant, we recommend you to go to Zuberoa.

6.     Ganbara

As you might know, San Sebastian is also known for its pintxos, which are the Basque version of the Spanish tapas. In Ganbara you will find a very big offer of pintxos, and they are really good! If you go to Ganbara, yo should share the different dishes so you can try a lot of different recipes! (That’s very Spanish as well).

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