How to Make Fashion Affordable For Yourself?

Are you one of those people who have got to look stylish and can’t compromise on it? And you don’t want to spend a fortune in the process! If yes, you are in the right place! Let’s sort out all your sartorial woes and give a fresh new vibe to your wardrobe without overstretching your budget.

It is easy to get tempted when you see a stunning shirt on sale by your favorite brand, which by the way has only come down to $90! Or, imagine the excitement when you find the ethnic piece that you have been looking for whilst browsing Cox essential package and it’s still more than $150! No matter how strongly you feel about grabbing it, you have to stick to a shopping budget and you can’t go overboard! We hear you and so have come up with a few easy solutions.

Make fashion affordable for yourself with these convenient tips!

Go for the Classics

Jot down on a piece of paper all the stylish pieces which you think can make a dream wardrobe! Remember that a small wardrobe with classy and tasteful pieces is better than a massive closet full of cheap and ill-fitting outfits. One of the most useful hacks to flaunt great outfits is to stick to quality classics and embellishing them the ongoing trends to rock contemporary looks.

Think of an elegant black dress and the number of ways you can style it. You can pull off the current trend of wearing an infinity scarf with it. You can also make it stunning by pairing statement earrings with it. Smart accessorizing can embellish your outfit and change it entirely.

We would suggest investing in quality classics because they pull your wardrobe together. And if you are good at maintenance, they can last for years. Some other classics you should consider are skinny jeans, knee-high leather boots, leather jacket, faux fur coat, and so on. You need to figure out what your classics are for yourself!

Since we are emphasizing minimalistic wardrobe with classics, you have done some simple math for you to enlighten you on how you can stay on budget. If you get yourself 20 tops to go with 10 jeans/pants, 2 skirts, and 5 shorts, you will end up having 340 outfit options! Not bad at all!

Shop Online Cautiously

We would always suggest shopping in-store because sizes can be confusing and you don’t get to try the outfit on. For people who are sure about their sizes, they can steal online deals if they are really amazing. But if something doesn’t fit, you have to go through a tedious drill of getting it returned and refunded. The worst part! Plus, with added shipping expenses, online shopping is not as cheap as you think it is.

Your best deal should be in-store when you know what you are spending on. Online photos can be shiny and misleading but in a store, you get to see the product/outfit right in front of your eyes.

Sell, Trade, and Toss

Do you have nice fashion stuff in great condition that you are not going to wear anymore? Consider selling! Auctioning them on eBay is a good idea. You can also try Facebook buy and sell groups. Watches, purses, coats, and even outfits, which you haven’t worn much, can make you a pretty penny. You can also swap some dresses with your bestie. She gets to wear her favorite pieces in your wardrobe and you can wear hers. This will add variety.

With the bucks you have earned, you can shop a new outfit you have been wanting to!

Take Advantage of Sales

We always suggest making lists of the items you need. We don’t mind making a list on your iPad or iPhone if a notepad sounds too old school. If you are looking for specialty items, hit the big sales, and don’t forget to check the clearance racks. If it’s the basics you are looking for, go for mid-priced stores.

If you are shopping for bags and shoes, it’s best if you wait for the sales. You can get some great ones at very competitive prices. If you are the kind of person who tends to overspend or can be tempted to overstretch your budget, take a buddy along who can keep you grounded.

Set a Spending Goal

Yes, it can be a big turn off, but you have to have a limit on how much you are spending! Set a spending goal on a monthly basis that you can live with. Once you decide that goal, whether it is $500 or $1000, stick to it and you will be all right. If you find three amazing tops while browsing ethnic Kurtis online USA, and it is going beyond your fixed amount of $500, go for two.

Keep an eye on your favorite pieces, and buy one or two every month. This way you will get your favorite stuff without having to overstretch your budget!

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