7 Simple Morning Exercises To Start Your Day All Charged-Up

7 Simple Morning Exercises

Do you wake up tired, and the day feels exhausting too? Are you always dreaming of that chiseled body, but not sure how to get it?

Well, then you’re doing one thing wrong: not following a healthy routine.
It is crucial to maintain a proper routine and schedule every day of your life productively so that you feel motivated and satisfied at the end when you get to bed. There should be a morning routine in which a person works for their well-being, which will help them stay energetic all day.

Make morning your best friend

This pandemic, everyone around us is facing issues, be it personal or professional, and has greatly impacted the people’s mental health. People now tend to have more pessimistic thinking after all the shit happening around them. Isn’t it?
Let’s keep all the worries aside and give ourselves peace of mind to gather all the positive energy to keep us motivated. If you think that maintaining a positive morning routine is difficult, this blog is here to prove you wrong.
Starting your day with positive vibes and making yourself feel good about your surrounding will surely help you feel elated.
Here are some ways to try to have fresher mornings and feel better at the start of your day.

1. Be an early riser and stay positive

What kind of a person are you? An early riser or a night owl? It depends on your work schedule but waking up early in the morning has certain health benefits. It keeps you fresh for the whole day and keeps laziness at bay.
After waking up, you should immediately stand up and do not allow negative thoughts to come to you regarding your work life or the everyday challenges you have to face.
Think in a very optimistic way to have an effective start of the day. It will motivate you to face the daily grind and stay energetic.

2. Some refreshing drink

Do you also feel like drinking a jug of water in the morning? Our body needs fluids in the morning after a long period of not getting water, making our body dehydrated.
Having a big glass of water will help you feel better immediately, improve the immune system, and boost your metabolism.
Even on days when I get late, I have a glass of water before having anything else, which makes me feel better. To have a little flavor, I also like to add some lemon, which makes it taste better and helps fight any bacteria present in the body.

3. Morning jog and stretching

Many people don’t like the concept of morning work out. But trust me; it makes you feel so good. You should go for a light jog and do some stretching under the open sky, which will help you engage with nature and get some fresh air.
It does not matter on the type of physical activity you do; instead, you should focus on thinking positively and keep going. This morning jog or stretching will improve your blood circulation and keep you energetic throughout the day.

4. Comfy inners

How many of you feel uncomfortable while wearing a loose or a very tight-fitted pair of underwear while you go for the morning jog? It gets very uncomfortable, and you cannot even focus on your jog and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Hence, it is essential to wear underwear that is comfortable and doesn’t hinder your running. For example, men’s pouch underwear is ideal for running. They provide support to your intimate part and avoid chaffing while running.

5. Shower

Do you feel that a soak in cold water in the morning is what you need for a fresh start to your day? It is the best part of the day, and it helps you forget all the worries of life and help you relax.
A bath in a cold shower destresses your mind and helps you feel more relaxed and optimistic about life. When you are relaxed, you can focus on so many things. I sometimes get the best ideas while taking a shower. You can’t express that feeling in words.

6. A healthy breakfast

Most people reading this blog tend to skip breakfast, which is the worst thing you can do to your body. Your body needs nutrients to function properly throughout the day. As a car needs fuel, our body needs food to work.
I believe that this concept of not having breakfast is more common in teenagers, which weakens their body and keep them restrained to work on their full potential.
For me, morning is the best time of the day when you eat something healthy and filling. There are many healthy and easy-to-prepare options available now, such as cereals, oatmeals, fruit yogurts, and eggs.
Every person should have a good and wholesome breakfast, which will keep them charged up the whole day.

7. Read something and meditate

Many people have the habit of reading either a small chapter of the novel or the newspaper in the morning. Now with technological advancement, everything is available on smartphones.
I read the newspaper every day to work, which helps my brain start functioning and learn about current affairs. Also, meditating may help a lot with positivity. A ten-minute session of silence can allow you to stay away from negative thoughts and make you a happier person in life.

Final Words

Without a doubt, how you start your morning defines how your day will be. Preparing a to-do-list can help you follow a more structured routine and allot the time spent on each task. These activities might take up some time every morning but trust me; these are worth spending your precious time on. These daily habits will not only make you fit but also a better person overall.
Now that all the essential morning practices are mentioned above, this is the right time to adapt these and switch to a healthy life.