How to Pick the Right Accessories for Right Occasion?

One couldn’t agree more – fashion accessories can make or break your look. I like exploring fashion magazines and I religiously follow some fashion blogs (Elite and Cosmopolitan are a few to name). It helps me stay on top of my fashion game. Last night, I was amazed to see how effortlessly they had paired fashion accessories with formal pants for women. One wrong decision and your entire look become flat and boring. When looking for Charter Spectrum TV choice online, I found the perfect accessories for my right occasion.

Most of us desperately need help picking the right accessories for our outfits. If you feel the same, here are some tips for help:

#1: Keep the Accessories to Minimum

Before I begin discussing anything, I would recommend this one to everyone. Keep your accessories to the minimum. Go with one statement piece. If you are wearing an all back outfit, wrap a patterned scarf around your neck. Don’t think too much, just pick one big accessory.

#2: Limit the Number of Large Accessories

Do you like large accessories? That makes two of us then! Hold on before you wear more than 3 large accessories. This can overwhelm your outfit. Stick to 3 or less.

#3: Don’t Match Everything

Stylists say that every accessory you wear doesn’t have to match. For instance, it’s ok to choose different color shoes. It will make your appearance fresh and modern. It’s perfectly fine to carry a bright clutch with black heels.

#4: Don’t Wear Scarf with Collars

First of all, you shouldn’t wear a scarf if your shirt has a collar. What about a coat? If it has a large collar, skip the scarf altogether. A good alternative would be a light kerchief around your neck that perfectly fits under the collar of the coat. You will look stylish.

#5: It’s Ok If Your Handbag Doesn’t Match Your Shoes

Many of us believe that our handbag must match our shoes. It doesn’t always have to be like that. When you are wearing bright colored shoes, pick a handbag with a light contrasting color. Your outfit will look unique instead of a cliché.

#6: Bright Clothes Vs Bright Accessories

Whenever you are picking an outfit for the day, decide what you want to achieve with it. This will help you apply the right emphasis. Your clothes, accessories, and makeup all should not stand out at the same time. For example, if you are wearing a puffy collar, don’t pair it with large earrings. Your outfit will appear too busy.

#7: Watches and Evening Dresses

A wristwatch pairs well with an urban, business, or sporty look. Combing a watch with an evening gown is a common mistake. Instead, wear a light bracelet.

#8: Wear Small Jewelry Sets

If the items are too large, wearing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from the same set can look tasteless. Whenever you are to wear a set, choose small accessories. This makes everything look neat and classy. While you do that, make sure the color of the jewelry matches your outfit as well.

#9: When In Doubt, Choose a Long Necklace

A good necklace has the power to light up your whole look. At the same time, it gives you confidence. Whenever in doubt, wear a long strand necklace hitting just below your bust. You will look lean and tall.

#10: Be Careful With Large Rings

You must be a fan of large rings but they don’t suit everyone especially those with short fingers. They make your fingers appear even shorter. Instead, wear thin rings.

#11: Avoid Black Shoes with Pastel Outfits

Pastel tones and light-colored shoes make for a great combination. Avoid black shoes at all costs.

#12: What about the Sweater Weather?

Never consider the sweater weather as an excuse not to accessorize. Not all your winter outfits will allow you to wear jewelry and that’s ok. If you are wearing a turtleneck to work, then style it up with shoes. Wedges, mules, long and short boots in warm earthy hues will just be perfect.

#13: Stay True To Your Style

Last but not least, stay true to your style. If you know how to handle your fashion taste, keep rocking it. You might have to choose a specific look for an occasion but when it’s about every day look, style according to your taste. While your inner stylist unleashes, make sure you stick to the styling rules.

Final Words

These tips will help you choose your accessories wisely. Even when a friend of mine was planning to buy dresses the online USA for an eastern event, these same tips came in handy. Good luck with looking elegant!

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