10 Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

reasons to quit alcohol

Alcohol intake is not good for health, and if you people are into this, you probably have deteriorated your health. Alcohol has a terrible effect on the entire body, including the brain, liver, heart and emotional life. Here in this blog, we will share a few reasons that would let you know why you all shouldn’t drink alcohol. There are so many factors involved that might have put you in alcoholism, so everyone needs to know.

1. Brain Disorders

Alcohol abuse is the main reason for brain disorders, and you would have blurred vision, slurred speech, impaired memory and loss of balance. When you all will have these symptoms, stop drinking because long-term alcohol abuse will make your life worse. You are going to have so many complications, and brain health complications will leave you nowhere.

2. Hangovers

It’s an unpleasant symptom of drinking too much alcohol and occurs right after heavy drinking in the morning. Hangover causes fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headache, muscle aches, dizziness, mood disturbances and rapid pulse issues. These symptoms would occur with heavy intake of alcohol so keep yourself away from alcohol abuse.

3. Poor Immune System

Alcohol intake causes poor immunity because people in alcohol or drug abuse would have put their bodies in the worst condition. The immune system is the root cause of defending against various respiratory illnesses, infections, or allergies, so the immune system needs to be healthy and strong. Leave alcoholism to get back yourself in routine. Get the cocaine, alcohol and naloxone treatment from renowned rehab to get yourself fixed from this for a long-lasting time.

4. Affects Heart Health

Alcohol is dangerous for heart health, and it will have damaging effects because the more alcohol you drink, the higher your heart rate would get into the problem. You would have seen numerous people encountering heart diseases, including irregular heartbeats due to alcoholism. Take a look at your drinking habits, and if you are doing its overconsumption, it will lead you towards death because huge alcoholism cases have been reported in the past few months.

5. Trigger Headaches

Frequent alcohol intake always triggers headaches, and it could be severe in many of you. Leave alcohol if you people find it more dangerous in you. Overconsumption of alcohol causes variant issues in enzymes and causes redness of the skin. Alcohol triggers migraine and hypertension. People with zero percentage of headache should drink alcoholic beverages. Excessive quantity would cause severe reactions of headaches.

6. Blood Pressure Issues

Alcohol triggers blood pressure issues and people who are drinking more than 2 glasses within 12 hours then would face high blood pressure issues. It would also affect the heart rate as well. A high dose of alcohol causes high blood pressure issues and can result in hypertension as well. Limit the alcohol intake or if you want to protect your life, then leave alcohol. Most people with heavy weight face blood pressure issues. I get to know about this on a “Weight loss write for us” page that was open for discussion and people were discussing their problems.

7. Cause Birth Defects

Do you know pregnant women shouldn’t drink alcohol? It causes birth defects, and there are so many pregnant women who are reported to use alcohol. When pregnant ladies have overconsumption of alcohol, birth defects, including the brain, heart, and other organs, are common. Every pregnant lady should avoid alcohol or all types of drug abuse and must have a healthy diet for a healthy baby.

8. Cancer Diseases

Long-term drinking gives a higher risk of cancers and you would face liver cancer, mouth, throat, oesophagus, and breast. A drinker who smokes as well a higher chance of developing cancer.

9. Injury

Drinking impairs judgement and slows down the reaction time. You may involve yourself under the influence of alcohol, and motor vehicle accidents happen. Child abuse, murder and suicide, and drowning and firearm injuries can happen because of alcohol intake.

10. Delayed in Growth

Alcohol is converted through breast milk and leads you to find difficulty sleeping and delay the infant’s growth.

What should be Eaten for Minimizing Alcohol Cravings?

It might be difficult for you to get rid of this suddenly, but its craving can be reduced initially. Here we are going to share some foods that should have for this.

Whole Grain Bread

Alcohol is converted to sugar in the body, and when we stop drinking, our body still craves the sugar. Complex carbs in whole-grain bread metabolize slowly and end up the sugar cravings. Whole grains provide all nutritional facts that contain protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. Stay away from additive sugar intake and go for brown rice, oats and quinoa.

Raw Spinach

Raw spinach provides vitamins and minerals as well as fibre to regulate metabolism. They also contain L-glutamine as well as an amino acid to decrease anxiety and reduce cravings. During cooking, L-glutamine breaks down during the process.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B, and protein that contains amino acids that are essential for dopamine production. This is a key neurotransmitter that is associated with mood and feeling. Excellent sources of protein include beans and dairy products.


Salmon fish is loaded with protein and vitamin D to decrease anxiety and stabilize the mood. Fish is loaded with healthy polyunsaturated fats and the best source of omega-3 fatty acids to reduce depression and alcohol cravings. Salmon is best for regulating mood for improving cognitive function.

Organic Yoghurt

Yogurt promotes gut health that has probiotics. It contains calcium and vitamin D, which is best to reduce alcohol cravings. You can have vitamin D from other sources, including cheese, fruit and dark leafy greens.

These are the few reasons that should be taken care of, and keep in mind not drinking alcohol. We have also mentioned the foods that reduce alcohol cravings. Alcohol abuse would leave you nowhere, so try to quit this gradually rather than leaving it immediately. You need to pay attention to improving a better lifestyle and increase the intake of fibre and antioxidants. Try to divert your attention to healthy activities that would give you a healthy break.