Daily Life Routine for a Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin

After washing, the serum is first applied and then the cream. Each day begins and ends with a short ceremony with beautiful and healthy skin. “How can I get the beauty of my skin?” The answer to the question is as simple as brushing your teeth every day, you can add cleansing and moisture to your daily beauty habits. Choose the right makeup and experience four stages of skincare.

Cleansing and Makeup Removal:

Make-up removal and careful cleaning are the basis of skincare. Without them, your skin will not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients, and clogged pores will appear immediately.

Choose a makeup remover that suits your skin type. For oily and combined skin, rinse the gel with water. Dry and sensitive skin is better suited for milk or make-up remover. Use a cotton pad to remove dirt after application. Then cleanse the face with lotion, and then go to the second step.

Peeling and Mask:

You will need a peel and mask at least once a week in your daily beauty. First, it removes dead skin cells by depleting, stimulating blood supply to the skin and speeding up its recovery process. Start on the wet face, gently massage in circular motions, then rinse with water.

Then apply a mask that contains very active ingredients to get the best skincare results. Choose a mask according to your skin needs: moisturizer or black problem skin mask?

Face Serum:

The serum is lighter and more delicate than conventional creams. It penetrates deeper into the skin, prepares the application of the cream and also improves its beneficial effects.

Apply the serum to clean skin by tapping and waiting until it is completely absorbed. Then go to the final step of the daily beauty procedure.

Extra Serum:

The matte cream is suitable for oily skin, soothes sensitive skin and the anti-wrinkle cream is suitable for mature skin. The cream moisturizes, nourishes and fights skin irregularities such as. Acne or age spots. Choose a cream based on your age, skin problems and type.

Apply the cream on face, neck, neck and shoulders sooner or later. Using night cream can restore and care for the skin during your sleep and during the day. It makes the skin shine, protects the skin from negative external influences and prepares for makeup. In daily beauty habits, add special cream to the skin around the eyes and lip balm to enjoy the skin’s radiance and health!