Priv Clone App – Features That Are Hugely Recommended To Scale Your On-Demand Beauty Business


Visiting salon and spa centers are now included as our daily necessities. In this image-conscious world, looks matters and for this reason, the beauty industry is ever-growing, and evolving. Thus, this stands true that businesses that have in the beauty industry have never experienced a downward trend. However, with the pandemic hitting, things have gone sour in salon businesses too. People are fearing to get out of their homes, let alone visit salons for their beauty regime. Witnessing the woes of the customers, the salon business is coming up with different types of on-demand beauty apps.

About Priv Clone App

This on-demand beauty app solution is specifically designed to provide its customers with a wide range of beauty services at the comfort of their homes. The customer gets to access verified listed salon services as well as independent beauty professionals based on their ratings, pricing, and the beauty services they are offering.

Your customer gets to choose from the wide range of possibilities and book their beauty regime available from their nearby salons/freelancer beauticians.

The app takes away the hassles of calling a salon and fixing an appointment. Now it is easy to book one with few clicks on the app and get the beauty service done in as little as 1 hour.

Reasons To Invest In On-demand Beauty App Solution

  • The on-demand beauty app solution provides quick, convenient, and efficient salon services to the customers from the trusted beauty professionals and salon services in a few clicks
  • The app lets you build multiple streams of income thus, giving your business a generous boost.
  • Automate your entire salon/beauty business from a single dashboard thus minimize the administrative and resources costs
  • Gets to review entire business activities on a real-time basis thereby you can make improvements, modify and make changes to make your app more efficient.

Maximize Your Profits With Priv Clone App Features

For any “appreneur” investing in an on-demand beauty app, making a unique app will help them stand ahead in the competition. The customers will always love having different and more and affordable so let your app have those features such as:

A detailed listing of verified salon/freelancer beautician service

Your Priv clone app will not only represent your business but even those who are listed with your app. The more the verified beauty service providers, the better your app response. Having a wide range of beauty service list will let your customers have options making it convenient to choose and book their appointments

Booking an appointment in a few clicks is what your customer expect from your app. Provide them with convenience by making your app simple to use and easy to navigate. Anything confusing or complicated will bring down your app response.

Providing images and short videos can be an amazing strategy to attract your customers, just like pegpuff. Having live videos put up, along with pictures from the salon service providers will help build confidence in your customers about the genuineness of the app. This will increase your customer base.

Push notification is another great way to boost revenue. The notification about new beauty services, promo deals, discounts, happy hour slots, and so on can bring in more customers to your app.

Multiple payments make it easy and seamless for your customers to book their appointment. It offers them peace of mind that their payments are processed through a secured encrypted getaway. With multiple options, it makes it quick for them to book their beauty regime appointments.

On-demand services at the doorstep from the comforts of their home is the USP of your app that your customers love. Keep enhancing the services at the doorstep” by serving them improved services that make your customers happy.

Additional Features of Priv Clone On-Demand Beauty App

  • The app comes integrated with ten additional languages other than English
  • It supports ten additional currencies other than USD
  • You are offered one-year free upgradation
  • 365 support for any technical and malware glitches
  • SEO support offered at reasonable rates for one year
  • Modifying, editing the colour themes as per your brand and logo
  • Real-time assistance through Skype/Phone call
  • Installation and launch in the Play store/ App store
  • Full admin rights and controls

Closing Thoughts

When deciding which type of on-demand mobile app you wish to develop for your business, make sure the app company is providing a scalable reliable solution built on the latest technology stack offering 99.9% uptime.

Get the live demo to review their performance and functionality on different platforms. Once you buy an on-demand beauty app, it comes inclusive:

  • A responsive website aligned with your on-demand app
  • Customer iOS/Android app
  • Customer web panel
  • Beautician iOS/Android app
  • Beautician web panel
  • An agency company web panel
  • Admin web panel – a dynamic dashboard that manages your entire business activities, payments, earnings, and so on. It offers a “God’s eye” so that you can know the gaps and make improvements accordingly.

Your salon business can thrive and earn greater profits by leveraging the on demand beautician app. Whether you choose to go solo or decide to develop an aggregator on-demand app, entering into an on-demand beautician industry can aid in expansion and growth.