What is the best treatment for Dizziness?


Feeling dizzy or the feeling of getting off a carousel wheel looks similar while changing the position of the head? If yes, you might be suffering from a condition known as vertigo. Dizziness is a common condition experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime irrespective of age and gender where one experiences a loss of balance. Dizziness often gets better without any major treatment within a couple of days. It can be a result of simple dehydration, weakness, or heavy work out sessions or you may be simply hit by a heat stroke. Here we are providing some best tips for Dizziness treatment

Whereas, a sensation of spinning where the world seems to blur and a person may experience whether he is spinning or nearby surroundings are spinning all by itself along with a loss of equilibrium such a condition is known as vertigo. Nausea and vomiting are often accompanied by vertigo. Apart from it, headaches, balance disorders, motion sickness, jerky eyes, ear fullness, etc. are some of the common vertigo symptoms.

Both dizziness and vertigo are not an ailment rather a symptom of various conditions. An inflammation, infection, or injury in the inner ear, vestibular system, or brainstem results in causing vertigo symptoms in the patient. In some cases, vertigo remains undiagnosed throughout life. Mild vertigo conditions are treated well at home by altering certain lifestyle habits and following a regime of practicing exercises for vertigo regularly. Adopting certain vertigo home remedies helps in alleviating vertigo dizziness symptoms completely.

If the condition is severe, you may experience repeated episodes of vertigo bouts quite frequently resulting in hindering daily chores. Treating such a condition on time is a must as it may be a life-threatening cause if a vertigo spell occurs amid traffic or while driving a vehicle or lifting heavyweights.

It is advised to consult an expert neurologist on time to get yourself diagnosed and get the best vertigo dizziness treatment. He will seek your complete medical history to examine the underlying cause and ask you to undergo a series of vertigo tests. Once the underlying cause is diagnosed, he will suggest the right vertigo treatment to treat the condition. He will even prescribe certain vertigo medicine to ease the condition and reduce the intensity of vertigo bouts. Let have a brief insight into some of the best vertigo dizziness treatment, to have a detailed look, read on:

  1. Vertigo Medicine

Certain medications help to ease vertigo spells as well as treat other vertigo symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, jerky eye movements, etc. as well. If you are suffering from Meniere’s disease that is responsible for causing repeated episodes of vertigo dizziness, your doctor may prescribe you with water pills (diuretic) to ease the condition. Apart from it, doctors generally recommend vertigo medicines such as Vertin, Stemetil, Meclizine, etc. to treat vertigo conditions depending upon the severity of the underlying vertigo cause. A dose of certain drugs prescribed by a doctor helps in suppressing vertigo symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. and gives immediate relief. On the flip side, certain drugs cause drowsiness which will alleviate itself within a few seconds. It is advised not to self medicate without seeking expert guidance. Prolonged intake of vertigo medicines is not recommended. If you do not experience any change in the condition after completing a dose suggested by the doctor, consult a doctor again before taking a step on self.

  1. Vertigo Exercises

Exercises for vertigo are one of the best vertigo treatments that help in alleviating spinning sensations naturally. Practicing certain repositioning maneuvers such as Epley maneuver, barbeque, Brandt-Daroff exercise, foster exercise, etc. as suggested by doctors for up to 4 weeks helps in alleviating spinning sensations. Consulting an expert physician is recommended before practicing any exercises. He will guide you with the right techniques and procedures. It is advised to practice exercises for vertigo in the presence of another person as you may feel slightly dizzy just after completing the sets. If the condition is severe, or a person is suffering from an inner ear condition such as vestibular neuritis, doctors may even suggest vestibular rehabilitation therapy. In this physical therapy, balance exercises are customized suiting the individual needs to ease the condition.

  1. Vertigo Home Remedies

Practicing certain vertigo home remedies are an effective vertigo treatment to treat mild vertigo conditions. Drinking ginger tea twice a day is counted as one of the most promising vertigo home remedies to prevent vertigo spells. Apart from it, including almonds in daily diet helps in easing symptoms as they are the rich source of vitamins. Acupressure, a natural supplement known as Ginkgo Biloba, yoga, and meditation are some other vertigo home remedies that help in alleviating vertigo symptoms naturally.

  1. Altering Lifestyle Habits

Making changes in dietary habits and altering certain lifestyle habits helps in easing vertigo spells effortlessly. It is advised to give up on smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeinated beverages as it may make vertigo symptoms worse. Going on a healthy diet, increasing the intake of vitamins, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress are recommended to prevent vertigo symptoms from triggering any further. If you are diagnosed with Meniere’s disease going on a low salt or no salt diet is recommended. Drink at least 8 to 12 ounces of water every day to prevent dehydration that triggers the underlying condition even further. If a dose of certain antibiotics is causing dizziness, it is advised to consult a doctor to get it replaced or lower the dose.

  1. Surgical or Other Procedures

Surgery is recommended in very rare cases to treat vertigo. If all the other vertigo treatments and medicines fail to ease the condition, surgical procedures are suggested by doctors to ease the condition. Apart from surgery, the doctor may inject your inner ear with an antibiotic which allows the unaffected ear to take the charge and disable the balance function.

Make health your priority. Do not delay seeking medical help as soon as you start experiencing any vertigo or dizziness symptoms. It may be a sign of simplest dehydration or indicate a more severe condition or vestibular disorder. Book your appointment today and get yourself diagnosed to get the right vertigo treatment.

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