9 Reasons Why you Should Give Up Sugar

give up shugar

Nowadays most people know that sugar is a white poison, a drug, and a vessel killer. And all this arose reasonably, because over the years people used more and more sugar, and, therefore, more and more suffered from it.

Sugar addiction is a sweet trap. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they voluntarily surrender to the sugar captivity. This white powder is truly addictive. In the life of a modern person, it is difficult to completely do without sugar, because it is present as additives in most of the food.

Despite this variety, sugar has no biological value except for its high-calorie count. At the same time, the product affects the level of all systems and organs: cardiovascular; digestive; the brain; metabolism.

Why it is Worth Giving Up Sugar

It is difficult to refuse a sweet supplement, but everyone can do it. To be convinced of the benefits of such a measure, it is sufficient to familiarize yourself with 9 reasons why it is worth giving up sugar.

  1. Causes A Predisposition To The Development Of Depression

Sugar is an addictive and completely legal intoxicant that radically changes the way we eat and can directly affect our behavior. People who consume large amounts of it are 23% more likely to get depression than those who limit their use.

If you give up the sweet additive, then it will be difficult to endure the sugar breaking, the desire to taste something tasty can become much greater than at normal times. However, having won a victory over harmful addiction by the end of the first day, you can notice that the alluring sight of sweets no longer causes the same inexorable desire to eat as before. And tension and mood swings will become less often.

The next morning, the body will feel withdrawn, so it is better to choose an alternative to avoid eating forbidden foods. It is similar to any other drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms but with lesser severity.

  1. Promotes Weight Gain 

As mentioned earlier, sugar has only empty calories. Sugar is only “empty calories” that accumulate in the form of adipose tissue, destroying our health, and contributing to the development of many metabolic diseases.

Already a few weeks after restricting the use of products containing sugar, sucrose, sweeteners, it can be noted that the arrow on the scales is rapidly going down. The fact is that there is a normalization of weight because, without the jumps in insulin provoked by the consumption of large amounts of sweets, overeating will no longer be a problem.

  1. Sugar Can Cause Skin Aging 

An excess of sugar provokes the development of the glycation process, which destroys elastane and collagen. As a result, the skin loses its tone, a rash appears, and an oily sheen. Besides, it affects the metabolism and the breakdown products of sugar cause dullness of the skin and early appearance of wrinkles.

Three weeks after stopping the use of the sugary supplement, you can see that the skin will become even, and the acne will disappear. In an American study, it was found that stopping the use of sugary soda reduces acne by almost 90%.

  1. Worsens The Condition Of The Teeth 

Sugar is the cause of tooth decay. It is due to the love of bacteria living in the mouth for sugar, which is an important source of food for them. Avoid sugary foods before these bacteria eat all your teeth.

  1. Sugar Suppresses The Immune System 

It contributes to the overgrowth of yeast in our body (Candida). It further leads to the development of fungal infections, and also causes several other damages to the body that a person is not aware of.

Sugar is capable of inhibiting the process of attack of leukocytes against pathogens of infectious diseases: viruses and bacteria that enter the body. The feeling of fullness occurs only after 15 to 20 minutes after eating. If you give up sweets, the same will happen.

  1. Increases The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease 

The development of this disease is associated with the above-mentioned effect of sugar on the brain, causing memory loss. This effect is due to the disruption of neural connections that provoke early cell aging.

  1. Flushes Minerals From The Body 

Sugar indirectly causes accelerated leaching of minerals from the body, thereby contributing to the development of heart and bone diseases. Apart from these, it can cause the development of other fatal diseases as well.

  1. Disrupts The Work Of The Cardiovascular System 

Sugar leads to drops in blood pressure. This is due to the thickening of the blood, an additional load on the heart, disrupting the stability of pressure.

Also, the sugary food supplement promotes atherosclerosis. With a large amount of sugar and little physical activity, the amount of bad lipids in the blood increases, and their ratio gets disturbed. Atherosclerosis causes vascular damage. This may result in a decrease in male potency. Avoiding sugar normalizes blood pressure and slows down the aging process of the heart.

  1. Impairs Sleep 

To cope with an unpleasant mood, a person feels the desire to seize him with sweetness. After all, sugar will saturate his body with endorphins and give pleasure. However, this is a dangerous theory, since sweets are not an antidepressant. It stimulates the production of cortisol, i.e. a stress hormone.

Then insomnia begins to torment with all the consequences. Eliminating sweets from your diet can normalize your sleep cycle by the end of the first week. This improvement will serve as the initial stage of noticeable changes in the body.

Summing Up

You can see that sugar affects the body of both women and men in the same way. And before you consume the next portion of sweet, you should think: “Is it worth it?” So, by giving up the sugar, you can get:

  • Weight normalization
  • Slowing down the aging process of the skin
  • The disappearance of sleep problems
  • Fast energy replenishment

Start it from today, avoid eating sugary meals, and eat healthily.