Why Vaping Is Bad For Human Health: 8 Reasons To Quit

It has been proven that vapes are no safer than regular cigarettes due to changes in substances used, they hit the brain and contain pesticide analogues.

The manufacturers claim that these fancy gadgets are less harmful to health and are great at helping to quit tobacco. However, doctors, to put it mildly, do not agree with this. In their opinion, vaping vapours contain carcinogens and toxic substances and in no way help to quit smoking.

Yet their addiction is high due to their availability at large and multiple e-liquid flavours such as double drip e-liquids gives the smoker an ultimate pleasure. However, it should be kept in mind that it is not beneficial for health.

Here are some arguments to show you why vaping is harmful.

Harmful To The Health

Manufacturers of electronic devices assure that there is a harmless substance inside, almost pure water vapour. The World Health Organization has a completely opposite opinion on this matter. According to them, electronic delivery systems for nicotine is not just ‘water vapour’, as is often claimed.

The experts found that the main components of the solution, in addition to nicotine, are propylene glycol, glycerin, fragrances, formaldehyde, and other cancer-causing substances. These substances are addictive and are neurotoxic poison.

Vapes Explode Sometimes

Several cases have already been recorded in the world when a vape exploded in a smoker’s mouth. In most of the cases, there has been horrific damage as the ripped vape tore apart the jaws, teeth, lips, and even tongue of the smoker.

Some have been barely saved by the surgeons due to the number of internal injuries. However, this is among the most favourable argument to quit vaping and saving oneself from such incidents.

Cause Allergies

The principle of operation of an electronic cigarette is like that of a boiler: the coil heats up, the smoking composition emits steam. However, some components of the smoking mixture, especially propylene glycol, can irritate the upper respiratory tract which results in an allergic reaction.

Natural tobacco nicotine in vapes has been replaced with chemical one, and this is even more harmful to the health of its users.

Risk Of Becoming A “Square Smoker”

Electronic cigarettes are often used as a way to quit regular cigarettes. However, it is often just a fairy tale. Firstly, vapes themselves cause nicotine addiction, though not in such volumes as tobacco products.

Secondly, people who fail to quit tobacco become smokers squared: they grind both regular cigarettes and electronic ones.

Higher Risk Of Asthma For Adolescents

Many teenagers, believing that e-cigarettes are safer than regular ones, smoke them endlessly. This increases the risk of developing lung diseases, including asthma.

The consumption of electronic cigarettes by teenagers has grown 10 times. Over the past few years, the number of sick days vaping smokers have taken to school has skyrocketed because of bronchial and lung problems.

Vaping Business Expanding At Expense of Your Health

Vape smokers simply spend money by killing their health. People around the world spent $ 3 billion on vaping. By 2030, sales are projected to grow 17 times. During their short history, electronic cigarettes have made a successful “career”.

Today the number of those wishing to profit at your expense has increased by about one and a half times. They get rich, and you obediently carry money to the cashier again and again.

Unknown Dosage Of Nicotine And Supplements

Due to the lack of strict control, it is almost impossible to find out the dosage of certain substances. Even if the packaging says that this is a device with low nicotine content, no one can really check it.

A pack of ordinary cigarettes at least indicates how much tar, nicotine there is. In the case of electronic products, the declared amount of nicotine and other substances often do not coincide with their actual content.

Cardiovascular Disease Among Youngsters

No matter what vape smokers’ claim, nicotine exhaled along with the vapour is just as harmful as from regular cigarettes. No matter is gucci og or any other, all are injurious to health. Youngsters who constantly inhale vaping vapours are just as exposed to nicotine as if they were smoking regular cigarettes. These children also have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Final Words

A person thinks that once he bought an electronic cigarette, now he smokes less and is safe- but in fact, it may be more harmful than a regular cigarette due to the changed level of ingredients used.

It’s best not to fall for this thought that it will help you to quit smoking, as per the experts they would not in any way help you now and is harmful to health.