Beginner’s Guide To Women’s Lifting Singlets

Women’s Lifting Singlets

Weightlifting is fun if you have the women’s lifting singlet! 

You probably have seen weightlifters or wrestlers wearing an active outfit every time. But mainly during the competitions or contests, what we actually see are the singlets. Let’s just face it! No doubt, they are flattering enough as they reveal more of their physique. We all know that the thumb rule for every booster competition is to wear a women’s sports singlets. Well, they have their own standards, as you are sometimes judged based on the depth of your squats, which is a bit difficult to locate in any of the baggy pants or shorts.

If you are heading to your first ever performance, and look forward to buying one for you. The countless options might confuse you, but no need to worry as we have put a few suggestions that can help you to choose a perfect women’s lifting singlet. Plus, we have a unique recommendation, disclosed at the end. 

Always remember that now the official authorities have made two-piece singlets mandatory for wrestling or lifting tournaments. Basically, the exclusive pieces come with a pair of compression shorts that can be worn both outside and inside. 

Tips to Remember 

  • Fabric type

Though there are plenty of fabrics that are used to craft them. It can be either a blend of lycra, spandex, or nylon. Consider a women’s lifting singlet that holds a 4-way stretch to it – both vertically and horizontally. It ensures that the article has a perfect comfort fit, and it prevents grinning. Grinning states to the fabric potential that reflects the see-through content. It can be easily observed when the participant squats or bends down. 

  • Size

An expert from Unbroken designs shares that the size of every women’s lifting singlet varies according to the weight. You can easily find a size guide along with the listed option if you are purchasing it online. Go through it, look for the measurements, and see what suits the best according to your physical stats. Consider it carefully as there will be some articles that may come with a fair amount of stretch in them. Whereas the rest of the others are designed in such a way that they have a snug fit. Commonly, weightlifters prefer to pick one size up from their actual size as it gives them enough space to flex and lift. 

  • Stitch 

Stitching is something that holds both the upper and the shorts in place. You don’t need to worry about the wear and tear during the participation. Pick singlets that come with flat double lock stitching. That means that the seams inside are laid flat and sewn well, and there’s no chance that the chafe will irritate you. 

Singlet’s for women are really helpful if you know what, when, and how to use them. Make sure you study the guide properly before you start using them. The best part is that the product has been tested and recommended by world-class athletes. So why not invest in something chic and durable enough. We hope this brief guide was helpful for you!

Happy Weightlifting!